Why .COM is the Best of All Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD)

There is much debate over which domain extension should be used. Internet marketers often have different opinions than registrars, who are looking to make a profit by selling the most exclusive domain extensions such as.BIZ.TV.ME.NAME. Let me answer that question.

Short answer:.COM is recognized as an Internet domain by the largest number of people, compared to other generic top-level domain extensions (gTLDs) such as.NET.ORG or.EDU.

Most people will instantly recognize MyBrand.COM when you say it. They will also associate it with a site.

.COM is the most powerful brand for indicating an Internet presence.

New gTLDs were created for businesses around the world as the domain space became very full.

As I’ve read, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers , the governing body for the Internet, has plans to launch hundreds of new top-level domains.

However, I believe that.COM will continue to be the strongest domain name brand. At least, in the West.

You can’t go wrong with.COM

* Businesses, organizations, and individuals may use this information

* For profit or non-profit, commercial, personal, or noncommercial purposes.

* Allowed registrations from anywhere in the world

* Very affordable registration fees This is in contrast to certain country codes top-level domains that cost over 100 times the.COM registration fee.

* A new.COM domain is very fast propagated on the Internet. This means that you can use it anywhere in the world in less than 48 hours.

Some SEO (search engine optimization specialists) also believe that.COM domains get favorable treatment by search engines, particularly Google. Google still prefers.ORG domains, however.

What makes a domain name good?

A Great Domain Name – Some quick rules

Is it catchy and unique? * Is it descriptive?
* Does it portray the right image?
* Is it memorable
* If they hear the word, can they type it correctly?
* The more you write, the better.

These rules are geared towards the psychology of humans. There are other marketing and SEO rules you may want to remember.

People search the Internet for websites by entering keywords into search engines. If your domain name includes keywords that people will use to find your site, it is a good idea. You should do keyword research and market research.

The legal aspect is last but not least.

Follow the legal guidelines provided by your registry and your registrar, which you will accept during the domain purchase process. You must not infringe another trademark. Also, ensure that your domain name doesn’t include any brand names or trademarks.

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